expect nothing, appreciate everything”

a.d. cray


San Diego's Own Discos and Erb: Illuminating the Music Scene 

San Diego, CA - Emerging onto the music scene in 2022, Discos and Erb, the dynamic producer and musician hailing from San Diego, continues to captivate audiences with their distinctive sound and creative approach. With a journey rooted in using darkness to find light and expressing gratitude, their upcoming album "Dawn" is set to mesmerize music enthusiasts throughout 2023 and 2024.

Discos and Erb, known for their unique fusion of genres and innovative musical arrangements, have gained a dedicated following since their inception. Their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring the depths of sound has set them apart in the industry. Drawing inspiration from the paradox of using darkness as a canvas to paint their musical visions, Discos and Erb's journey is a testament to their determination to find beauty even in the most unexpected places.

The much-anticipated album "Dawn," scheduled for release in 2023 and 2024, promises to be a collection of tracks that encapsulate the evolution and ability to find light within obscurity. Each track is a testament to their artistic growth and dedication to creating a lasting impact on listeners. With every note, Discos and Erb invites audiences to join them on a musical expedition, unraveling layers of emotion and innovation.

In addition to their musical endeavors, Discos and Erb is excited to announce the launch of new merchandise in 2024. This merchandise will allow fans to connect even more deeply with the essence of their music and artistic vision. From apparel to collectibles, the upcoming merch line is designed to provide supporters with tangible pieces of the journey that Discos and Erb embarked upon.

Discos and Erb's success can be attributed not only to their musical prowess but also to their unwavering gratitude for the path they tread. Their journey serves as a reminder that even in the face of challenges, there is always a chance to find beauty, growth, and inspiration.

As Discos and Erb continues to pave the way with their remarkable musicality and dedication, the world eagerly anticipates the release of "Dawn" and the immersive experience it promises to deliver.

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